How is Soak Nail Spa different from other nail salons?

Soak is the premier provider of healthy, hygienic, sanitary nail care in Columbia, SC. We offer customers the safety and protection they deserve by using custom-designed sinks with fresh running water that is NEVER re-circulated. Sinks are cleaned using hospital grade disinfectant. In further pursuit of hygienic excellence, Soak employs autoclaving-- the most dependable method of sterilization to disinfect tools and the highest standard in sterilization used by medical facilities.

Can I bring my children to Soak?

We welcome junior nail spa-goers, 8 and older, only if they are receiving a service. On days your children don’t have a service booked, we ask that you please enjoy your appointment alone.

When should I plan to arrive before my appointment?

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment if you would like time to browse the OPI polish collections to choose a new color.

Will you hold my reservation if I am running late?

We know our clients are busy people with tight schedules. To deliver services efficiently we can only hold reservations for 10 minutes. If you happen to arrive later you will be considered a walk-in. You might be asked to wait for the next available technician to serve you.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly give a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid being charged the full amount of your service.


3405 forest drive * columbia, sc 29204 * ph: (803)787.0313